Mind the Gap was performed at the Edinburgh Fringe and the Etcetera theatre Camden in 2015. Co written by Marika Mckennell and Poppy Damon, directed by Poppy Kay.

A play which fused beat boxing, spoken word and physical theatre to examine the intersection of fantasy and reality in shared public space. It was also very funny.

‘spoken word poetry and beatboxing weave in and out of the story to create a dynamic, thoughtful and witty experience.’

Ellen Macpherson, Fringe Guru

‘While everyone in the company is strong, McKennell, also co-writer of the work with Poppy Damon, is a highlight… It’s when McKennell’s spoken-word poetry comes together over the music of Irish beatboxing vice champion, Cull, that the work is at its most invigorating.’

Jane Howard, Fest

Mind the Gap received a 2015 Commendation of Acting Excellence from the National Student Drama Festival.