Researched and devised over 2 years, Patten Up is a project with a strong focus on social change and personal transformation. Produced by Reveal Productions and Directed by Joanna Proctor. In 2018/2019 Pattern Up toured UK community venues and theatres in London and Leicester. It is now touring UK schools.

Written by Marika, devised and based on community activists Ken Hinds and June Tuitts lives. It connects with historic vibrations impacting on young African Caribbean men and women. The play explores themes of family, violence, race and personal Redemption. Pattern up aims to engage audiences in talking about how they can reduce youth conflict in their area and promotes Communities against violence Haringey.

“An important play exploring the impact of youth violence on all those involved with really powerful performances “

Cleo Chevalier, Haringey Council

‘Pattern up is an incredibly moving and powerful play. The acting is organic in a way that allows the audience to be drawn in. The poems are beautiful and touching and are woven into the play seamlessly. The community discussion and Q and A at the end is a great touch that allows the audience to better understand some of the issues and themes touched upon in the play.

Review by Halimo Hussain, Decolonising Our Minds Member